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We're delighted to discover that VSHN has once again improved its position on the Computerworld 500 Ranking. This list showcases the biggest IT companies in Switzerland since 1997.

🎉 🥳 🥁 🥇 The 200th edition of VSHN.timer is out! 📰 🏆 📯 🎆 What could we possibly talk about this week? Well, we have so many short & sweet URLs on our chat that we decided to share some with you. Ordered from the shortest to the longest.

VSHN.timer is out! This week we’re going to talk about a few little utilities that can save your day when programming Cloud Native applications.

Join us next week at our VSHNtower (Neugasse 6, Zurich) for the 8th APPUiO Beerup! Meet the APPUiO community in a casual atmosphere to discuss topics related to containers and Cloud Native technologies, followed by a nice apéro. Interested?

VSHN.timer is out! This week we’re going to talk about how some systems have to dramatically scale to serve millions of users with an acceptable quality of service.

VSHN.timer is out! This week we’re going to talk about how our favorite GitOps platforms have been evolving in the past few months.

Would you like to speak at our Cloud Native Computing Switzerland Meetup group next week? A speaker slot just freed and we'd love to learn from you!

Join us next week at our August 2023 Cloud Native Computing Meetup in Baslerpark Zürich, on Thursday, August 24th, at 16:00 CEST: we've got an impressive event with speakers from AWS and VMware!

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VSHN.timer is out! In preparation of next week's AWSome Day, this week we’re going to talk about the latest news around the biggest cloud provider of them all: AWS.

Yesterday evening our security team received a notification about the critical security vulnerability Zenbleed potentially affecting the cloud providers where VSHN’s customers systems run on. This blog post details the steps taken to mitigate its risks.